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Velcro Knee Wraps Heavy Duty 2m

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  • Original superior design for better lifting : Engineered to provide immense support, stability and protection of your knees, FFA original pair of knee braces for weightlifting are sure to become your favourite piece of workout equipment. Wear to boost your leg strength and stability during squats, leg presses and similar intense leg exercises.
  • Exceptional quality and supreme stretching : Designed to adjust to your movements with a high-performance stretchable fabric.
  • Empower your workouts : The squatting knee wraps are 2m long, meaning they are a great support and protection even for both beginner powerlifters, elite bodybuilders and anything in between. Adjust in seconds and get instant stability and power boost in the most demanding exercises. One of the essentials to push your boundaries and improve your PRs.
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Available in Black with Red Strips, Black with Pink Strips