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Side Arm Speed Rope

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New - Side Arm Speed Rope

You'll be looking forward to Double Unders next time!

 Designed to give you the best possible chance of nailing Double Unders, the Side Arm Speed Rope is our newest rope.

 Features include:

  • Self-Locking Design - adjust the length of your rope without having to cut the cable.  Release with one hand to adjust the length as needed.
  •  Double Bearing Build - designed to reduce friction and allow for a smoother rotation.  The rope will spin freely and smoothly at all times.
  • Optional Handle Weight - Want a heavier feel in the handle?  Add some additional weight to the handle quickly and easily.  
  • Knurled Handle - to provide maximum resistance and prevent slipping, even when you're sweating mid-workout.
  • Buy more pay less 

Available in Blue, Red, Black and Yellow handled versions - comes with carry bag.